Welcome to this new website all about emulation. Here is how this site came into existence: After intense reflection, we came to the conclusion that computers and consoles grow more and more complex. Emulators must then be more and more complex as well, which is why they tend to be compatible with fewer computers and operating systems. That's why we're putting up a list of compatible hardware and software, which hopefully will come in handy for many of you.

If you're in need of your vital daily dose of news about emulation, just go to MacScene!


How can I help?

This site is based on (and made possible thanks to) the contribution of hundreds of thousands (okay, maybe just hundreds, then) of retro-gamers. You can help by:

  • Sending your compatibility reports here
  • Translating the site (in a language you preferably know)

And if there is any other thing that you can help with (equipment, $$, clothing, food, beer, ...) feel free to send an email.

Which consoles appear on this site?

Our goal is to list any platform which is not well supported on Macs. When compatibility is perfect (ie. for Super NES or Megadrive) there is obviously no need for a list. The Playstation 2 list might appear one day or another, with new emulators coming out. If an emulator or platform is not listed, you can submit it along with its compatibility report.

My contribution's not there! It didn't work!

Every contribution has to be validated by an administrator. It can take from an hour to a few days depending on our availability. Any incomprehensible or incomplete report will unfortunately not be taken into account. However, we will do everything we can to ensure that doesn't happen, such as contact you via email, if you gave one.
If your contribution doesn't appear after a week, try again or contact us via email.

The site is not in in my mother tongue, can I still post?

Yes! Please make sure your language is selected in your personal info page. There will be an increased delay, because we will have to translate the post.


You can contact us anytime via email.

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